Hello there and welcome to Sudden Valley! This is my awkward comic!

20 somethings living in a bizarre city and their great mis-adventures. Sometime it will be funny, other times just awkward.. Because who hasn’t had that awkward silence after mistaking the whole situation? Ha ha!

About the Artist!

Jamie Baldwin is an adorable Baltimore comic artist born in 1984. A self taught comic artist, she has always been interested in art and comic’s.

She started her own livejournal where she posted journal comics and on the side shorts. She decided then, she needed an on going made up story because she doesnt really live an interesting life to turn into a daily journal comic.

So during the fall of 2005/winter of 2006, she starting planning the story and spent over a year developing the characters and locations of Sudden Valley. In December 2007, she started posting the earlier developed pages in her livejournal before moving it to this site here.

She works full time at a fruit based computer company, selling said computers. One day she hopes she can instead make this comic full time, but thats something that will have to wait. She wishes to one day be super popular and for people to respect her love of Pokémon. Won’t you give her a chance?