Before we miss it…
October 15th, 2012

Before we miss it…

I can’t even begin to explain myself, nor offer any kind of valid excuse–as I see there can’t be an apology for taking a year to post another comic. I haven’t had a great year and as I just said, there’s no excuse for it. So, I’m sorry.

I have, however, wrapped up this arc.

The next page and chapter … ?

I hope I’ll be better about it. Keep checking for updates. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I might make a video and post it below in the “blog” area. Offer some of the reasons why my comic stopped for a year.


  1. K

    Congrats on the wrap up~!
    Hope things are well~!

  2. Soop

    Hey hey. I just followed a link here from loldwell, and read through your entire story from the start. Not my usual thing, but I really enjoyed it, hope you continue it. Also, I’m rooting for Ben and Cozy :D

    Don’t worry so much about regularity, it’s not like it’s a job or anything, but I really hope it does continue.

  3. Jamie

    Thanks Soop!

  4. Timothyntc

    Lol and I thought you gave up on this, I hope things go smoother on you and the comic I was kinda sad and thought the worst silly me :P

  5. Tnoy

    Well, better late than never. I’m gonna have to brush up on what was happening in this comic now. Somehow, I think I’ll suffer through.

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