bathroom escape
September 8th, 2011

bathroom escape

I get super over whelmed at parties. I do this at just regular shin digs, even if there isn’t someone out there stressing me out.

So it’s been a while! Since June… Took the summer off, unintentionally. So what’s happened to me since the last post? Well, I went from being a couch surfing bum to an official renter yet again. Just this last month I moved out into my own place, after the last year of living at my aunt’s house. I’m adjusting to living on my own and am struggling every day to not get myself a cat room mate. I could’t even if I wanted to. For a couple of reasons, but never mind that. I still don’t have internet at my place just yet… and I probably won’t for the next 2 months. I’m sitting in the Starbucks thats around the corner to post this comic.

Everything has been great, up and until this last week. I’ve been home sick for pretty much the last 5 days… It just feels like this cold is never going to end, and I can’t keep calling out of work… I’ll eventually have to go back in and work, regardless of how well I am feeling, since I still have to get paid.

So I’ve gone on long enough. I can’t make any promises on how soon the next page will be. Since I suck in that department. But I do have to say theres a few more pages left in this chapter.


  1. andromatta

    woo update! hopefully everything works out for the better; always good news when you have time to post a comic.

  2. Will

    Woooo, new page!

  3. Tnoy

    Unsolicited medical advice: if the cold goes on too long, it may actually be a sinus infection. It’s good to see your comic back, in any event.

  4. Jamie

    It has gone away after 2 weeks. Grizzly Bear.

  5. Ted

    I just read every single post-comic-thingy, and all I have to say is: EPIC, I found this website from Nedroid picture diary, and I am definatle going to keep on reading your material, it is awesome, thak you for what you do.

  6. dranorter

    Hooray comics! I think I’ll keep just checking back here every year or so, hope that’s ok! Your comics are good, I hope you can capitalize on that skill…

  7. Emily

    Hey, I just read through your comic and it’s really great!
    (I love seeing how humor and art develops from beginning to recent; it’s neat haha)

    uhh… So… just thought I’d let you know… o_____o haha

  8. Josh

    Dude, I just started reading this and I’m enjoying it thus far… keep it up. Please post again soon =]

  9. Matt

    Are you alive? I really like your comic and have been checking periodically but it has been 6 months since this post and I was just seeing if I am wasting my time. Hope things are going alright for you.

  10. LG

    Full on year, I hope everything is ok. This comic was looking good.

    I hope you come back soon.

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